UK Pro 4 lightly affected

  • Screen has been flickering intermittently for a few months, most notably while scrolling on PDFs at <20% load and considerable loss of foreground items in Solitaire games when the device is warmer. I initially assumed the device was unaffected as the flickering is only in part of a window and never the whole screen, but given that a file can be almost unreadable to anyone not used to it one minute and then fine the next made me think otherwise.
    Thinking back, when I first bought it, the Facebook notifier service in Chrome would cause the screen to totally black-out for a second or so, which may or may not be related? It no longer does this, so perhaps I only have a software issue?
    Spec: Intel 6300U i5 with 256GB storage and 8GB ram, purchased December 2015
    Managed to capture one video and will look out for any more obvious examples.


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