This would be my 4th replacement!

  • Surface Pro 4 16GB i7
    I bought my Surface Pro 4 on Amazon the year it was released. In less than a week I started to experiment flickering problems but Amazon promptly tried to resolve my issue sending me a replacement. Apparently, they send me a new one but the device experimented the same problem. I contacted customer support again and they decided to send me another replacement. After this, they banned my account for excessive return but apparently, after realizing that these Microsoft devices were the real problem they reinstated my account. The odyssey was not over yet, after almost a year, this 2nd replacement started to experiment the same problem; flickering again! (Also, the marketed 9+ hours of battery life is another bad story.) Thank god that the device was still under warranty. This time I went to a Microsoft store were they determined to replace my device (I think that they gave me a refurbished or tester one). This 3rd replacement apparently was not new, but I was happy that I could continue my college odyssey without greater interruption.

    After 1+ year, the flickery devil came back. This time I do not have a warranty to back me up 🤦 Also, for the record, the device also has the blue screen problem and short battery life. This would be the best device a college student could ever have, but this quality problems turn the device into a nightmare.


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