After Warranty Expired Replacement

  • Hello everyone, I am from Malaysia and my unit is Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB/8GB RAM. My unit is bought just after availability in the country, received the unit by November 2015.

    Having it installed with some games and AutoCad, not to say playing and running AutoCad 24/7, just occasionally like 2 days per week, other than that, just some Microsoft Office I use most, plus web browsing and YouTube.

    The first screen jumping up and down was happened in February 2017, it getting worse after that and I stopped playing games and stuff that will caused the unit running hot. It would not help and started to jumping after 2 or 3 hours of use, normal stuff, considering warm and no hot at all.

    I went to ask about the Warranty Claim to the shop I bought, since they are giving me 2 years of warranty period (which Microsoft is only 1 year), they said I have to send in to their Headquarter and then they will send in to Microsoft, which the length of the period is unknown, immediately I refused and try to contact Microsoft on my own.

    I started to text Microsoft thru their Facebook page, Surface and Microsoft, bad commenting in their promoting post on Surface product and so... Left them my email address and Surface Team has emailed me in just few days after. The 'troubleshooting' process had began and eventually formatting the unit was also not helping. They wanted me to send in my unit, I again refused as this is the only unit I have and totally not convenience for my routine. I asked them to replace me a new unit but they said the Surface Team are only have refurbished unit and no way they could do so. They offered me 'Advanced Exchange Program', they sent me a refurbished unit, very decent and like new condition, given me 2 weeks to test and I had sent back mine unit to them at the end. The whole emailing period was around full 3 months.

    The thing is now, a premium product that I am having now is just to do some normal stuff, I do worrying the screen jumping issue will be coming back again with or without starting to play games and run some intensive program. This is ridiculous and helpless, I love this machine but nothing I could do more to it.

  • I totally agreed with you, since Surface Pro 4 is a failed product, at least the issue is still unsolved.

    Microsoft should either refund or upgrade at a reasonable price to Surface Pro 4 existing users, in order to re-gain their brand reputation and customer. I won't mind to upgrade if the new Surface Pro (5th) or Surface Laptop has no such problem.

    Honestly, I did not recommend and also discourage my friends and family members when they ask my opinion on Microsoft product, software is okay, hardware is no, a BIG NO.


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