2020 is really the best year ever. /s

  • SP4 i7 16GB RAM 256GB, fully up to date on everything, and not used for ANY taxing programs. The worst I do is a couple tabs of YT in Firefox.

    I don't know when it started because I almost always use it in a dock with an external display (the nice SP3 dock, not the brick thing). I can merely have it on and not running anything when it starts flickering. I've always used a USB fan with the dock, pointed at the area that the SP3 used to overheat. It doesn't even get hot when it starts flickering though. I also already tried the clock seconds registry trick with no results, and updating drivers too.

    I contacted Microsoft Support today after finding out that this was even a thing, and they won't replace it for free because I bought it "Used" on Amazon, and that seller bought it in March 2017. It was "used" because the packaging was opened. It even came in the original retail packaging, which I still have. I'm pretty pissed because I own a SP3 and it had overheating issues when only using a tiny part of the resources, and I heard that the SP4 fixed that issue. It's been great until now. Really disappointed. I don't have any money to do a replacement of any kind, and this is my only computer. The only thing I can use for school, work, and contact in the days of COVID now. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Video https://drive.google.com/file/d/13j9cJHXuxmSR9GuVnPPIgSBZiqDSCA29/view?usp=sharing


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