Another Victim...

  • It's been about four years since I had this device, and in my fourth year, I started noticing major flicker issues. I am usually a person who always adjusts through everything, but I seriously cannot take this flicker anymore and it's starting to affect my grades in school because this laptop is literally unusable. I have had this laptop long past its extended three-year replacement window, and I do not have the money for a paid replacement. I already spent $1200+ on this laptop expecting it would last over five years, but in year four it is already unusable. This is unacceptable from Microsoft considering most screen flicker issues start after year three. I am literally stuck without a laptop in online school now and I cannot do anything. My grades are plummeting because I cannot use a computer and I cannot do anything about it because the goons at Microsoft have the audacity to ship me a faulty product.

  • Hi there. I have now the exact same problem than you. I bought my surface pro 4 on september 2016 and after 4 years the flickering issue started two days ago.

    I have tried to contact to microsoft support, they just said that the solution is to pay (in my case, in Spain, 650 euros) to get a replacement...after i spent 1200 euros in this device.

    If you find a solution please notice me. Thank you

  • Hi Jorge, I just have the same problem with MS Customer Support in Barcelona and they gave me the same answer: 650€ for a SP5.
    I'm trying to get a better deal from them as lockdown was also on the rise and this is a flaw on their design but the girl on the support email is getting every time less comunicative.

    There's anyone in here who achieved to get a better deal from MS after their first standard solutions offer?



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