Could you try ?

  • i have Surface Pro 4, m3/4Gb/128Gb with flickering issue.
    New drivers, firmware updates, etc - no results. Few months ago flickering just 15-20 min after start, but now - always.
    Yestarday i found stranger things - screen flickering, but if i start to play video at full screen and don't touch anything - after 5-6 sec no flickering !
    it works only in default Movies&TV media player, only in full screen (w/o any bars)
    Checked at two Surfaces with same result. Could you check it with yours devices ?
    Maybe problem is with screen refresh rate, but i can't change this manually, only 60Hz ?

  • I confirm that the flickering on my Surface 4 Pro disappears during video playback as described above. As soon as I move the mouse it starts again until the video controls disappear from the screen.


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