Anyone experiencing vision issues since the flickering started?

  • I've had my Surface Pro 4 for a little over a year now, and a month ago the flickering started to happen after using it for two hours... No videos were playing, just basic spreadsheet stuff, Internet browser.

    When the intermittent flickering occurs, it messes up my vision for a second as I'm focusing on the screen and my eyes naturally try to adjust before I have to look away.

    I've never been the kind to be sensitive to staring at a screen but this is getting really annoying. I have not been to the eye doctor yet but I know this can't be good for the eyes considering how much time I'm in front of my Surface.

    Has anyone else noticed issues with their vision since the flickering problem?

  • Coincidentally, my vision problems started after my Surface Pro 4 started flickering. I have noticed that my far sight vision is deteriorated.


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