How to link my bank account with Cash App?

  • Have you been trying to link your bank account with Cash App recently but you're failing in this attempt time and again?Well, linking your bank account to Cash App is necessary if you wish to increase the limit of your weekly transactions. This amount transfer limit is quite less in case you do not undergo the Cash App account verification process.
    In case you do not verify your account after a successful Cash App login, you'll be able to make transactions but only up to a certain limit. Cash App users can send only $250 weekly after opening a Cash App account.
    Apart from this, users can receive an amount of $1,000 monthly from other Cash App users. However, for serving both these purposes, you must go through the Cash App login process. After you verify your Cash App account and link your bank account to it, you will be able to send an amount of $7,500 weekly. And for receiving, there is not a specified limit.
    Now that you know the importance of linking your bank account to Cash App, let us now explore how we can link our bank account with Cash App.
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