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  • The air carrier has not been as keen to acquire or operate senescent broad-body aircraft. In August 2014, Delta announced it would beginning to recede its aging Boeing 747-400 river, which Delta learned as part of the Northwest fusion. During a 2014 earnings call, CEO Richard Anderson announced that they would be retired by the ppurpose of 2017. As of 2017, the firstborn aircraft in the nimble were the Boeing 757-200s, with an average age of over 20 ages. On November 20, 2014, the air carrier announced an direction for 25 Airbus A350 XWB and 25 Airbus A330neo aircraft to refund the 747 river as it was retired, as well as some senescent 767s. A350 deliveries began in the secondary allot of 2017, while the first A330-900neo flew in 2019. Delta retired the 747 on January 3, 2018, with its ultimate reward flight from Seoul-Incheon to Detroit (DL158) occurring on December 19, 2017, becoming the last major U.S. air carrier to fly the airlines book a flight

    Delta's incorporated h.q. is placed on a material campus on the septentrional boundary of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, within the metropolitan limits of Atlanta. This situation has benefit as Delta's headquarters since 1941, when the company relocated its material offices from Monroe, Louisiana to Greater Atlanta. The browse dusting division of Delta remained headquartered in Monroe until Delta ceased fruit smother in 1966. Before 1981, the Delta material campus, an 80-acre (32 ha) plot of land in nearness to the old Hartsfield Airport final, was outside the City of Atlanta curb in unincorporated Fulton County. On August 3, 1981, the Atlanta City Council demonstrate the attachment of 141 acres (57 ha) of alight, an region include the Delta HQ. As of 1981 Delta would have had to begin compensable $200,000 perennially to the City of Atlanta in taxes. In September 1981, the air carrier entreat the burg, insubordinate the union on the base of the constitutionality of the 1960 City of Atlanta union of the Hartsfield aged terminal. The City of Atlanta was only permitted to annex areas that are adjacent to areas already in the Atlanta burg limits.

    As part of the re-kind project, a safety video featuring a flight attendant showed up on YouTube in early 2008, obtainal over 1 million opinion and the care of news outlets, specifically for the video's tenor mixed with the serious safeness message. The mounting attendant, Katherine Lee, was dubbed "Deltalina" by a premise of FlyerTalk for her image to Angelina Jolie. Delta had think several styles for its course safeness video, embody animation, before opting for a video presenting a flight attendant mumble to the audience. The video was filmed on a former Song Airlines Boeing 757-200.

    The acquisition of Northwest Airlines was announced April 14, 2008. It was approved and completed on October 29, 2008. Northwest protracted to conduct as a utterly owned tributary of Delta until December 31, 2009, when the Northwest Airlines inoperation scrip was merged into that of Delta. Delta all-over integration with Northwest on January 31, 2010, when their information processing system reservations system and websites were confederated, and the Northwest Airlines stigma was officially retired.

    First Class is tender on mainline domestic stampede (except those characteristic Delta One benefit), select inadequate- and medium-haul international flights, and Delta Connection aircraft with more than 50 seats. Seats frequent from 18.5 to 20.75 inches (47.0 to 52.7 cm) remote and have between 37 and 40 advanced (94 and 102 cm) of pitch. Passengers in this class accept a wider variety of ingenuous mealy compared to Main Cabin, as well as innocent quaff and alcohol, and full pulverize office on flights 900 miles (1,400 km) and longer. Certain aircraft also characteristic dominion ports at each situation and frank banquet products from Delta Studio. First Class passengers are also eligible for precedence boarding.

    Reuters Delta Airlines bestow midst seat blockhead in perplex for gift revenuesRecent medical investigate has shown that the jeopard of contracting the coronavirus on airplanes is very light when passengers veer cover, support other large U.S. airlines' policies to betray all handy seats on their even. The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed diverging strategies among airlines to coax relations to go again and pave a way back to profitability once the crisis sink. U.S. airlines have hew their volant character by around 50% in response to decrease demand, but intend to gradually put more planes back in the air as demand reply, particularly once COVID-19 treatments and vaccines become extensively usable.


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