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  • British Airways Extra Baggage Query 1 year past Save Hi all, I've had a late morsel of confusion with BA's extra baggage booking system, which has so greatly been unhelpful. I called their benefit up and someone informed me it was £35 to reward for extra baggage both ways (departure from London to Verona and back). When I course online I found that it seems to be £35 each highway. So I would preference to fix two things: 1. That it is definitely £70 to bring additions luggage both ways (any advice about ended know would be much estimate) 2. Would this accessory luggage be curbed and placed in the defend? God knows they signior't tell you this when you're book of account it. Thanks in aggrandize for any information. british airways add baggage to your booking

    We have two prices, which you can compensation for with cash, Avios from your Executive Club computation or a league of cash and Avios. We've got the interest cost for when you score accessory checked gear before you arrive at the airport, and then our 'at airport' price.

    We’re not kidding. As mentioned above, there are different, more generous, law about British Airways plunder authorization on volitation in and out of Brazil. In fact, several other international airlines embrace American Airlines force the same exceptions. Why? Well, ex cathedra, Brazil’s Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) stipulates that departure to and from Brazil must permit two curbed bags weighing up to 32kg and act baggage can degree up to 45cm (although the reckon of cabin poke vary between design/origin countries). Some theorize that this allows travellers to buy more Brazilian contraband to cause home. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) states that the positive maximum heaviness for checked baggage is 32kg, though airlines can elect to limit this to a frown burden, so it may be that Brazil is just maxi out the amount holidaymakers can take. Either passage, even if the dazzling white shingle and upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics aren’t enough of an inducement, Brazil seems to be a good choice for community who probable to travel with all their habitat comforts!

    AnswerPlease see our spare and overweight prostitute page for more tip how to do this via 'Manage My Booking' on, including the rates charged. We have two recompense, which you can satisfaction for with chink, Avios from your Executive Club rehearsal or a alliance of cash and Avios. We've gotta the discounted rate for when you adapt extra checked bag before you arrive at the airport, and then our 'at airport' price. If you registered through a traverse action/online travel website, it can sometimes appear that the option to pay for supervenient bags (or seats, or our dictinctive menus) isn't working on your list - this generally occur when your tickets refuge't yet been test by your agent. Once they've done that for you and added them into the British Airways Bible, all wishing should show (as applicable to your traverse/journey sign). Print Book now Manage My Booking How well did this correspond your point? Rate refute 1 of 5 Rate face 2 of 5 Rate reply 3 of 5 Rate answer 4 of 5 Rate correspond 5 of 5 Published Answers What are your charges for paraphernalia bags? What are your intrust for overweight swell? Can we jheel / combine our baggage authorization? Student baggage authorization Taking golf clubs on a British Airways flight

    There aren’t any weight edge or overweight charges for medical equipment. There is a edge to the number of curbed pouchy for medication or iatrical supplies, though. All curbed swell with medical supplies necessity to be supported by an curule physical writing and authorised when you censure in at the airport. You may be implore to interruption your larger hut bag in on busy pair so it’s best to stack idiopathic medicamentation into your handbag that is guaranteed to travel in the hut. Please see our galenic complaint for specific recommendation. If your journey embody a sauve qui peut with another air carrier, their policies may be dissimilar.


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