Types of American Standard Bathtubs

  • There may be some name changes in the American Standard Bathtub, but the same degree of quality that went into their bathtub 130 years ago still goes into that bathtub today.

    Offers a large selection of tubs to choose from Top bathtub company in India. There is also a variety of whirlpool bathtubs. The following list is an idea of ​​quality and innovation available from American Stud to assist homeowners.

    The American Standard Tub has an extensive design list that ranges from very simple and classic to modern and contemporary. The color palette includes very light tones for an intense vibrant selection such as red. Their wide selection makes it easy to find the right tub to cater to your ideal bathroom.

    Basic descriptions of some available American standard bathtub types include:

    Old Time Type Slipper Style Tub: This style of tub is where the old world meets modern times. This is the modern-day version of the deep standard soaking bathtub. Slipper bathtubs are made for relaxation. Even a claw leg version is available. Some models may be surrounded by an enclosure of your choice. The design possibilities are endless with this timeless classic.

    Standard Bathtub: American Standard Bathtub is recognized as an industry leader with its plain standard bathtub. Once available only in select models; Today they are offered in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors. These bathtubs are found in hotels and businesses around the world. Budget-conscious shoppers may be able to find a suitable bathtub for their bath.

    Corner Bathtub: For a customer with a slightly different mind for their bathroom design, they can do custom bathtubs. They are also a great option when space is at a premium.

    Whirlpool Bathtub: Whirlpools from the American Standard Bathtub offer water massage therapy options in the privacy of their own home. The affordability and available one or two-person options make a luxurious spa a possibility. Design to fit with your bathroom decor; They do not dominate the design of your bathroom. Some models have a walk-in door feature.

    Walk-in bathtub: When safety and moving in the tub are an issue, the walk-in unit allows one to walk directly into the bathtub with a door. The hazard step is removed from the equation. American Bathtub's innovation in engineering, these bathtubs have produced an attractive bathtub to enhance your bath style.

    Bathtub / Shower Units: These one-piece units are a standard bathtub and a shower. One-piece construction allows for very easy installation and maintenance. Made of a highly durable reinforced acrylic, these are popular with commercial builders. The acrylic is scratch resistant and simple to clean. The do-it-yourself lover can count on setting up this project.

    The Best bathtub company in India offers several different models within each type of category of standard bathtub listed above. With so many options and design staff available; Planning your new bathroom has not been easy yet.


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