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  • Just found this forum.
    I have a Surface Pro 4 16GB Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50GHz running Windows 10 Pro.

    This morning for the first time, my screen became transparent and I could see multiple windows overlaying each other.
    This happened for 10-15 minutes, while I tried to Google the problem. Restarted the Surface and the screen began to flicker. but was no longer transparent. Googled this problem and found this forum!

    I have two extension monitors and wireless keyboard and mouse on my surface via a hub. No problem with the peripherals. Just the main Surface screen. The Surface is permanently connected and prevented from going to sleep, and has been in this configuration for several months before the problems occurred this morning.

    Tried disconnecting the hub and extension monitors, then rebooted, but the Surface screen was still flickering, and occasionally showing transparent images of windows behind the current window. Reconnected the hub, and no problems noticed on the extension monitors.

    I had to attend a Teams meeting and the Surface screen was still flickering. At random times an image was frozen to the screen like a transparent layer - the Teams meeting continued and the video continued, but it gradually built up more transparent snapshots. Then the transparent snapshots slowly cleared, the flickering stopped and by the end of an hour's meeting, the Teams video appeared normal.

    Will monitor the situation.

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