Flickering surfacepro 4 screen

  • surface pro 4 is aprox. 14 months old and just started flickering. Does not do it all the time but seems to do it after a period of prolonged use when playing games for example. I am not going to pay $800 to replace it considering the problem may happen again or even pay $300 for something else for whatever. It seems to be a hardware problem perhaps to do with graphics. I would prefer to invest cash in a different product. There are many now which can do the same thing. I would never recommend this product to anyone. I really hate a company that will not admit a product failure. We got this product through my daughters school so it is kind of mandatory. Its like a lease arrangement.The IT staff are trying to say it may be due to water egress and also that if there any marks on it like scratches or slight dents they will not honor the replacement protocol. I mean it is a portable laptop, that gets moved around a lot, bag to desk, desk to bag etc.. They have to have some degree of durability except for dropping the thing. The point being is that they are trying to blame it on us. But there is no way i am gonna pay more cash for an inferior product.


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