Started yesterday. All links brought me here..

  • This is sad. I have posted on MS forum without answers.
    I use my surface pro 4 with surface docking station almost every day (80% of the time). The flickering started yesterday. Surface's screen is useless now. I can use my extended monitor to keep my productivity.

    I have followed MS instructions to Uninstall/Reinstall video adapter, run surface diagnostic toolkit, download/install every available patch on Windows Update. Nothing seems to solve the issue.

    I have observed that Surface's boot logo also flickers on start but additional monitors through Surface Dock works fine. I am not sure if they use same adapter/interface but it might help to isolate the problem.

    I'll post some videos later..

    My device is a Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5-6300U @2.4GHz, 8gb RAM, 256Gb Storage, Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU
    Running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    OS Build: 10.0.16299.431
    OS Arch: 64 bit
    BIOS Version/Date: 108.1926.769 2017/12/06

    Average usability i.e hours per day, cpu load etc
    Regular use.. 6-8 per day, using 2 surface docks (at home and at work), with MS Designer BT keyboard & mouse, Office 365, Internet, no gaming, no video editing, no heavy calculations etc.
    CPU usage is always around 15%, GPU 5% and Memory 55%.

    I really hope that MS solves this issue since this is very good piece of equipment.


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