177 pages of comments and no M$ input?

  • I don't seem to have be having the same severity as everyone else but I'm concerned that this might be the early stages.
    The bottom few lines of my screen flicker and it almost appears to contain parts of the rest of the screen in that flicker.

    I'm running Win10 Pro, version 1709, build 16299.431
    I5 6300U @2.4ghz 2.50ghz
    16gb ram


  • I should have added this device is approximately 1yr old, runs on average 16hrs a day....the flicker seems most obvious when browsing.
    I run a Linux VM as well as BitDefender and occasionally a VPN.

    The device has a blue M$ keyboard and a giant brick docking station.

  • Running Task Manager on the far right side as narrow as possible seems to eliminate the issue and pisses me off just as much.

  • Based on what I've read (I'm having the same exact issue as you) it is indeed related just to a lesser degree. I've been tempted to install Ubuntu natively to see if it's method of handling the screen buffer would help.

  • For what it's worth, since posting the jitter has worsened...it now is the entire page as opposed to just the base of the monitor.

  • Well, that concerns me. Contact Microsoft and they'll replace it with a refurb (just started this today. I've already contacted MS support and it's being worked.) That said the problem is totally hardware with the machine -- no difference in other operating systems.

    Someone did offer a good idea; Enable seconds on the taskbar clock. The activity should do what taskman has been. It's not perfect but doesn't require you to move taskman around.


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