Microsoft promises to replace the flickergate products, but what is the point?

  • So, I have been dealing with flickergate for a LONG TIME.
    I passed around a gform questionnaire from early 2017. Many of the people that indicated the issue was "Resolved to them" have said that it is because they replaced their products with refurbished one.

    Yet, we already know that the [new replaced products] are and can flicker just as much as the older BOUGHT NEW (not refurbished) products.

    So what is the point of changing them when I will have to deal with the same issue very soon anyway on the new version?

    Also, I called microsoft anyway to see what I can do, (the number that they gave in their new statement), and after about an hour of waiting and getting redirected, I realized that I can't reach a competent person to help me figure out who to ship to and what to do anyway EVEN IF THERE WAS A POINT?


    I am wondering what do you guys think about all of this? is this the best we can do? should I at this point really just give up on the product? since now Microsoft just threw away a solution of "We will change it for you if you can manage to figure out how to reach us?

  • You read my mind. This is my story, I bought my surface in April 2017. It started to flicker in January 2018, I went to Microsoft store and they told me they don't have my model and If I wait until the end of holidays they'll bring new ones and they'll replace it ( I was hoping to get a new one not a refurbished) so I waited until February when I went to their store again they told me we don't have your model and you have to mail your old device and Microsoft will send you another one. After few days I got a refurbished device. It's May, 23rd, 2018 a couple of days ago I noticed a line appeared when the device got hot and now the device is in flickering mode again, less than 4 months. This is so frustrating.



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