"External/affordable" solutions

  • The following are external solutions that you can do to lessen the flickering issue

    1. Portable temporary solution:

    Get a small fan, and place it straight in the middle of the screen. It should calm down the flickering after a while, but it is only temporary.
    Recommended: Cell Phone Mini Electric Fan, it fits in your pocket, and can easily be attached to the phone to start the cooling.

    1. Permanent but not portable "solution":

    Get an external monitor.
    The flickering only happens on the Microsoft Surface Pro screen, when connected to another screen for example with mini DisplayPort to HDMI, it works without any flickering.
    The flickering will continue on your Surface Screen, but NOT on your external screen. I like to set mine to [Second screen only] as to not get distracted with all the flickering still going on with the surface screen.

  • Using the SP4 with an external display and set to Second screen only is a solution. But this solution is not portable and you can't use the touch screen.

  • About the second idea, you can get HDMI screens from companies like Waveshare that also offer touch support, and are portable! For example the screen featured here. I've got one, but need to find that annoying Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter!


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