I have just fixed my Surface Pro4 screen flickering problem

  • After experiencing the flicker problem on my surface pro 4 for about 5 months and trying all the posted solutions to no avail. I moved my surface from one room to another requiring me to plug the power pack into a different power source which had no other devices plugged into the same power board, (potential interference problem), and to my surprise, the problem was gone. Its been 4 weeks now and I have not had a single flicker or issue with the screen.

    It's one easy step to try but never know it may solve your problem as well. good luck guys.๐Ÿ˜

  • Why use the battery built-in it still flickering?

  • I think there is a connection with the battery.
    Whenever I have my charger plugged and the flickering happens - removing the charger and applying external "Fan" lessen the issue faster.

  • I use my SP4 without electricity cord and still it flicker after 2hours usage thou. Guess it is not all about power cord and it's terminal, but something inside generates heat and some of the component(s) failed to cool off causing flicker screen IMHO

  • I ran trouble shooting on power in safe mode. Miraculously, the flickering has stopped. May be you don't need to go on safe mode.

  • @siamak49 Sorry, the problem persists, how ever it seems going to safe mode does some good. I tried disabling the error reporting on safe mode and no flickering for 2 days. Again uninstalling the Intel graphic card in safe mode and flickering stopped for
    some time. In all these operations that weren't permanent, safe mode was the common operation between them.

  • @summerhasler thanks I just switched sockets in same room and itโ€™s stopped!


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