Replacements Coming but I'm Still Angry! We need a class action

  • Ok, so we probably have a 25% chance that this replacement program will give us good refurbished models but what about the cost I had to spend 8 months after buying this surface pro on a new laptop to replace this one? I had to replace this with a $1K HP Spectre... I'm just so angry with this all around. Now what do I do with this new laptop replacement? I will now have 2 laptops, how useful is that? We should get our money back !

  • A possible suggestion is trying to resell the refurbished laptop. But, I for one am in the same situation as you, and don't want to resell the laptop.

    At the very least Microsoft should refund us the amount even if in credits from their own stores.

  • actually i will be really happy if they just gave us " MSFT Store Credit " , sadly still love MSFT products(hopefully they get better and refined without issues) ,
    I would for example like to have some % off the new MSFT Surface laptop in exchange for my faulty Surface pro 4

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