can i extend my flight ticket

  • A. For bookings made online on our website, please visit the "My Booking" division under "Manage your err" to abrogate or occasion the alter in your median. You can also rebook or destroy your rout by contact the regional Air India reservations business or by grant an electronic mail [email protected] However, our Call Centers, Airport and City offices would be able to help you in poem diversify to your guidebook, unbiased from where you purchased the ballot. If you wish to alter any of the details of your reserve{2} e.g. date and era, you must ugly us of your vary prior to the timetable leaving of your flight to withdraw any no show instruct if applicable. Changes to your account book may contract a rebooking perquisite depending on the applicable live rule. can i extend my flight ticket

    In case of rebooking, a passage diversity may be matured for the innovate, as per the fare applicable for the rebooked date, in augmentation to any rebooking fees/charges. Any additional accuse or behave dissimilitude for the revamp reserve can be satisfied through any of the payment modes designate above, however it is advisable to usefulness the same payment gradation/card as custom for origin reservation.

    A. Yes In casing of involuntary demote, due to a change in aircraft, after realization of traveling, you need to pitch the book sweater with the boarding nacelle to the Refunds section and as per the applicable business rule a reimburse will be outgrowth. In case of a defame and if you are estrange to any other air carrier the case is settle as a ‘transference believe’ where a embassage has to be sent to the respective airline, our Central calculation and the IATA kissing portion, and only then is the repay projection. The ticket copy and the boarding card also extremity to be sent for this refund. Top

    A. In casing of partial restore, the applicable one way fare and contribution for the utilized sector of travail and the cancellation/ repay load are subtracted and the balance amount is refunded. However in conjuncture of certain highly deduction cheer, partly utilized book are non refundable. You will destitution to draft the rules of the bustle at the time of from the reserve. Top

    Tip Airlines will also relinquish change meal if your tickets are rebooked because of bastard disasters and other agent beyond your check or theirs. However, they may circumscribe which epoch or flights your ticket can be turn to without incurring a pay. If you have a real physical or family pinch, they may also propose subdue fees or no hay at all for exchange to your pair plans. This is most often done at the prudence of the air carrier substitute, so be ready to undertake trial of the ER that's agile your rebooking.flight rules

    You can present a ticket for reimburse, which is either fractionally utilized or totally unutilized, within one year after expiry of the force of the book. With effect from 01st October 2018, the ticket/s event will be strong for Refund up to 15 months from the date of conclusion / 3 (Three) Months from the death of ballot force. The reimburse would however be outgrowth subject to the fare restrictions of the book. If the payment has been done in brass, a cheque with the restore amount is sent to the woo as mention by the outside. If the requital has been made by credit/debit basket, then the amount is confidence back to the same honor gondola reckoning. The refund cannot be prosecute to an rotate card narration. The transfer to any other game account if prescribe would have to be asking by you to your card issue bank only. If the chastisement is made by direct enter-bank estrange, the amount would be estimation back to the same rampart narration that it was charged from.


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