Microsoft surface pro 4 screen issue because of Hardware fault.

  • Hi ,

    I found the screen issue of my Microsoft surface pro 4 after 3 years 4 months. When contacted the Microsoft support they had confirmed it has a hardware issue similar to other devices, you need to replace it with $599 dollars because it crossed 3 years as per the policy. Anyone found the same issue.

    This is a premium device released by Microsoft, If it doesn't work for more than 3 years why we are buying this expensive device? For getting replacement again we need to pay $599 just for the fault of the manufacturer. What kind of resolution is this for premium devices?

    Many people suggested opening a small claims case would be better. Any other suggestions, please.

  • My device was replaced once after detecting the screen scramble issue. But the replacement also developed the same problem after 4 months. Now I am also out of 3 years extended warranty and offered by microsoft to upgrade the 5th generation device at the cost of $ 599. But I have explored some forums and found that 5th generation device is also having the same issue.
    Even similar issues have been reported in the Pro 7 model as well.
    I don't think they have solution to this issue.
    About the claim case, do let me know if you have approached consumer court and what is the response? You can mail me at [email protected].


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