How to Block an Email Address in AOL?

  • If you know the email address of the person whom you want to block, it becomes easy for you to filter the spam email in AOL Mail. Follow these steps to block unwanted emails on your AOL email account:
    ● Go to AOL login page and then enter your username and password.
    ● Sign in to your AOL account and click on ‘Options’ to view the email settings.
    ● Here, you have to click on the Spam settings and then type relevant email addresses.
    ● You can even enter the username of the account which you want to block.
    ● Click on the plus symbol for adding the email address in the spam list and then hit on ‘Save Settings.’
    If you have trouble blocking the email address, you can reach out to experts by dialing AOL Email Customer Service Number and seeking their assistance.
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