Another flickering screen in Europe

  • Happily been using an SP3 for multiple years (3+) until I decided to upgrade to an SP4 in March 2018. Considered the Surface Pro 2017 (5th gen) too expensive for its value and bought a pre-owned SP4 (i7/16GB RAM/256GB SSD). Last week I spotted the replacement program on a Dutch techsite ( and thought "Ah, it'll propably happen to everybody else" Just one week later the SP4 screen started to ghost, I work as a professional trainer and was conducting a class when it happened. External screen was fine, so with a few unconspicuous gazes at the screen on the wall I managed to survive until break. A reboot didn't solve the issue! Noticed the SP4 to get very hot and took off the charger and UAG sleeve (sold by MS) and carefully applied some freezespray we using in training labs. It did solve the ghosting and screen only flickered intermittently. Usable, but not okay.
    Called MS support after class, device still under warranty (btw, Europe always has 2 yrs for B2C). They told me to send it in and they'll send a refurbished one after receipt. That will not work due to my situation and persisted to have it swapped. Yes, pay €1500 in advance and they'll send a refurb which takes a week due to UPS. Once the original SP4 is received, MS will credit the €1500.

    Pondering about next' steps. Keep the refurb SP4 until it breaks? Sell the refurb and buy an SP(2017)? Sell the refurb and buy something not-MS?

  • Sell the refurbished and buy something else. Totally lose faith to Microsoft hardware, you would not know how long the Surface Pro 2017 can last for... And what is the potential problem of Surface Pro 2017 so far and yet to arise? Be reminded, most of the Surface Pro 4 screen flickering problem were presented after the 12 months of warranty period, just like mine did. Although Microsoft is now extended the warranty period to 3 years (as purchase date) on screen problem of Surface Pro 4, how about after that? Again, just like mine did, purchase in December 2015, replaced in June 2017, it is too bad if the screen problem is coming back after the said period.

    Premium price with known faulty product is a shame, I do not expect it to run forever, do not mind it is going to run slow or lag due to aged hardware after 3 to 5 years, but I really could not accept the hardware failure that will cause me unable to use a functional device due to screen flickering.

  • Yes, buy something else...but I only recently bought the SP4 and got all accessories (dock, typecover etc). On top of that, there is hardly any competitor for an SP device.


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