Flickering screen for the past 6 months in EU

  • Screen started shaking about 6 months ago, I only had the surface for about 3 months in.
    I noticed it when having a skype call with friends. The first hour nothing happened, but after 2 hours the computer got very hot and the screen started shaking. First it was very slight shaking, later on the whole screen started flickering and shifting.

    I contacted microsoft support and they directed me to an 'automated' clean up/fix program that analyses software and optimalizes everything.
    Well, that didn't work at all.
    I completely reinstalled windows, losing all my documents and programs. it didn't help.
    I did an intel stress test and after running for a minute, the screen started shaking. So I'm sure it's something to do with the intel card or the connection with it.

    Right now I can only use my surface for small things, like writing papers for school. Anything heavy that makes it run too hot, makes the screen flicker.
    I live in belgium and there's no real dedicated microsoft store nearby, that's why I haven't made a big fuzz of it.

    I still have waranty on it, but didn't want to pay or go through a lot of trouble to get another broken surface.

    my specs: Intel Core I7-6650U, 8gb RAM
    Heavy usage. Using it every day and 1-5 hours heavy CPU load per day.

  • Called microsoft service today, they acknowledged the problem and will replace it.

    I sent the flickergate surface today, hope to get the replacement soon.


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