Replaced under new "screen scramble" warranty no big deal (SoCal USA)

  • I had the very sporadic flicker issue (fan on load 100%) a few days before the official "screen scramble" warranty extension. In fact, I did a "Fresh Start" trying to fix it, that turned out to be step 1 in the official repair steps LOL. The flicker returned so grabbed a video and several obvious screenshots.

    My Surface Pro 4 was about 2 and a half years after initial purchase in October 2015. So I contacted MS, submitted proof of the flicker told them the steps I took sent it in and 6 working days later have a replacement. In all it was easy and they immediately replaced it. The new replacement is flawless. They sent my unit back 2-day air FedEx. Timeline: sent in last Thursday received the replacement yesterday morning! Came with Fall Creator so had to update it. Says 126 cycle count on battery at 37,275 mWh "Full Charge Capacity" (my fourth sent in one was at 33,500)

    This is my fifth Surface Pro 4. I smartly bought the $149 Microsoft Complete 2 year originally (cheap insurance)

    First one (M3) could not do Recovery drive (took back replaced in store)
    The second one (M3) had a weird after Feature Update to Anniversary issue, took in the tech spent an hour or so rebuilding it and got it to a point with an error replaced it in store
    The third one (M3) had a caution icon on SDD took it in they replaced it with an i5 (in store) I noticed when I heard something when doing updates... nice speed/performance upgrade. The i5 lasted for a long time until the sporadic flicker issue.
    Fourth (i5) recently had flicker sent it in
    This fifth one (i5) took 6 working days from sending into getting a replacement back. (outside of two years Microsoft Complete) Checked for light bleed … none!

    Surface Pro 4 is fine, it's like any other device. Sure initially they had hot bag issues that were fixed. yes, I replaced my surface pro 4 several times, most of the replacements done same day Plus they upgraded it. I suspect this one will last a long time just fine.
    Great customer service all along. Simply the best computer I ever used still.

    People whining here simply contact MS and get a replacement, class action ??
    GMAFB be happy they extended the coverage LOL

    Thanks, MS for extending coverage to THREE YEARS for this specific issue.Way better than crappy Mac keyboard snafu.


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