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  • Hi everyone,
    the lower third of my screen started flickering constantly a while back and I tried everything I found online to make it stop (except for the cooling, as I don't usually carry around a fridge or a fan and it also flickers when I just started the surface - so no heat).
    The only thing that stops the flickering in my case is to perform a constant CPU stress test. I discovered this by accident. There are several free programs you can download to do this. As soon as the stress test starts, the flickering gets worse and then stops. As soon as I stop the test, the flickering comes back :). The constant noise is annoying of course. But at least you can work.
    I hope this helps some people that also weren't lucky with any of the other methods.

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    @liz That's interesting, b/c I would think the CPU stress test would be a way to trigger the screen shaking.

  • Hey, so I had this problem for almost 8 months now (my screen started flickering with the lower 75% in September 2017, rendering it hard on the eyes to work on) and tried almost everything available at the time (since my guarantee had been passed already, too).

    The problem usually started appearing after running the laptop for a few min after having it shut off for several hours at least, and one can actually hear the screen flicker. So I figured it's a hardware problem.

    This solution, at least for now, however, seems to work. There are still some flickers every now and then, but for the first time ever since this problem occurred, the flickering decreased without turning the Surface off for several hours. It is kinda weird tho to have the CPU work so hard at all times. Makes me wonder what other side effects might occur...

    I use "Heavy Load", free ware and easy to get. Just started the CPU and GPU stress test. Flickering gone.

  • May be it’s the GPU stress which triggers the flicker. I found that the longer I ran the machine, worse the flicker..

  • it is really very possible that the cause is the screen is reacting in multiple places to almost invisible traces of grease from fingers, triggering the screen to react in multiple ways and directions all at the same time.....this would show up on a cpu stress test. when i disabled the screens human interface in device manager my flickering almost completely stopped......the screen was still active to the stylus so still flickered a little because of residual finger grease( and probably other goo) when i cleaned the screen with alchahol wipes and re enabled the human interface the flicker was completely gone, i had flickering for months before this

  • @hennekkemmek thanks a lot for this "heavy load" tip. the closest MS store to my location is literally in another country. lol.
    I started having flickergate a week ago after an MS update. flickering every few minutes or so covering about 98% of the screen, leaving 5 mm flicker free on top. flicker gone immediately when I touch the screen. then the craziness set in. Flicker all the way even to uefi and wouldn't go away even when I touched the screen.
    I ve tried: punching the screen, slapping the back, hard press the screen, showing seconds on my clock, turning off vertical something, reset to uefi (with flicker on it), factory reset. I was going to buy a new laptop (NOT another SP for sure).
    but this morning I read this, installed it, tried it, load the test for 2 minutes or so. restart. and now I am about on my 7 hours straight of flicker free. fingers cross it will stay this way.
    Again thanks.


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