Flickering Issue on SP4, Indonesian Customer

  • Hey just got this problem earlier and didn’t know that it’s been a Surface’s problem for a while. I bought my Surface in Japan and have been using it since Feb’17. And i don’t use it all the time just during my weekend while i’m not in the office. My screen was started to shaking today while i was watching Youtube on Chrome, i had some programs running as well such as Spotify, Adobe Illustrators and Outlook which was normal as i did it most of the time. I’ve updated my Windows and all its firmware, Restart and Shutdown, and i don’t feel any heat on my Surface (because some people said the problem occurs when the Surface is heated). In fact, the screen problem still exists. It’ll be exhausted for me in Indonesia to get replacement from Microsoft as the nearest Microsoft store in the region is Singapore. So i really hope that Microsoft will be able to release any technical details and solution about this. 😔😞


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