Fix mic sensitivity windows 10

  • When you use the mic on your Windows 10 and During use of it you facing a mic sensitivity issue then it very painful for the ears. This issue comes to due many reasons. it Can be Come Due to slow internet, driver issue, or hardware issue. below I will mention some common issues.

    1. The usage of low-quality headphones could lead to this issue.
    2. Usage of the backdated USB-connected headphones results in poor audio transmission. Not using audio filters increases the probability of background sound capture.
    3. Improper distancing with the mic results in an inadequate capturing of the input audio.
    4. Outdated external hardware drivers.
      These are some Reasons for the mic noise issue. if you are facing this problem want to fix the mic sensitivity issue in windows 10 then come to my article where we will tell you why this problem can come and which types of steps you can take to solve this problem


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