How to install AOL desktop gold in windows 7?

  • How to Download AOL desktop gold in windows 7?
    Today, we are providing you information about how to install AOL desktop gold in windows 10.
    In this post, I’ll let you know the how to Download AOL desktop gold, and its installing procedure.

    System requirements for AOL desktop gold
    There are some systems specifications required to download AOL gold in your computer which are listed below:
    • Your Computer should be running onWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

    • Your computer has 1GB Ram & has 512 MB HDD storage available.

    • Screen resolution of your computer must be up to1068*768.

    • You have fast internet connection available.

    • 266 MHz or faster computer processor of your computer.

    If your system has met with above mentioned specification then you can start AOL desktop gold download procedure.
    How to download AOL desktop Gold
    If you are new to AOL desktop Gold, you have to create an AOL account by signing up. Perform these simple instructions.
    o First visit the AOL desktop gold official website in your default browser.
    o Choose create an account option and fill the details like name, email, D.O.B, and other correctly.
    o After signing up, login into your account and check for membership.
    o Choose a membership plan according to you or can take 30 days free trial.
    o Now download AOL gold on your system and install it.

    If you are already a member and have account for AOL then start with the download procedure. Make sure you subscribed for a member ship plan. AOL desktop gold is free to download. You don’t have to pay extra.
    Download AOL desktop gold without any difficulty, just follow the steps.

    1. Visit download AOL desktop gold page using default browser.

    2. Click on the download button.

    3. Now downloading process will automatically start.

    Make sure your internet speed is good to download AOL gold software without interruption.
    Install AOL desktop gold
    To install AOL desktop gold in your windows OS follow the instructions.

    1. Open file explorer by clicking icon from desktop.

    2. Go to the download folder and choose the AOL gold download file.
      (If you choose another folder for downloading files go there).

    3. Click on the file and a popup will appear for installing AOL desktop gold. Follow steps thatappears on screen.

    4. To finish installation process, restart your computer.

    Installing process is successfully completed. If you get any issue while downloading and installing AOL software, contact us.


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