Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering

  • I'm really glad I found this forum and MS is offering a replacement for the SP4 which are affected by this issue.
    My SP4 started to get the flickering problem after about 18 months of usage. I use it mainly for web-browsing, checking my emails, watching movies & occasionally light-gaming (Dota 2). I am able to use my device up until now but the screen would start to flicker whenever the device heats up and it has definitely worsened because charging it, watching YouTube and using Microsoft Word now would trigger the problem! I am going to send my device in next week, so fingers crossed that I will get a refurbished device which has been properly fixed. Hope for the best people.

  • I am having the same issue. Unfortunately I am unable to contact with Microsoft because they doesn't have any service provider in Bangladesh.
    Will highly appreciate if anybody can suggest where and how to get support in Bangladesh.


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