I paid $5,000 for this?

  • My surface pro studio 2 began having these scrambled hardware display issues at the bottom of the screen 2 years after a purchased it (nearly $5,000 investment after taxes). Microsoft not only charged me nearly $1,000 to replace their defective hardware, but are forcing me to go without my work PC (I'm a remote work software developer) for nearly two weeks while I send them the defective unit, and they send me a REFURBISHED one. To add salt to the wound, when I called customer service, I was simply told by three different people that their policy will not change and no exceptions would be possible. This is abhorrent customer service. My $300 XBOX has been more resilient. My wife's $900 MacBook has lasted 7 years without issue. The studio 2 is a professional grade piece of hardware and its extremely high price point is not reflected in its support from Microsoft. This has been a shameful experience and once my refurbished replacement bites the dust, I will never be purchasing a piece of hardware from Microsoft again.


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