Two new welding rods of Polyvance

  • Polyvance has announced the availability of two new welding rods, black nylon and 15% glass-reinforced nylon. The company's recently refurbished hopper/dryer machine soaks up nylon-like hydrophilic resins, allowing welding rods to be ejected with appropriate moisture levels for optimum quality. This investment enables Polyvance to expand its range of nylon welding rods.

    The following resins and profiles are now available:

    R06-01-XX-BK Nylon, 1/8 XX Round, Black
    R06-04-XX-BK Nylon, 3/8 XX Ribbon, Black
    R21-04-XX-BK Nylon + 15% Glass Fiber Reinforcement, 3/8, Ribbon, Black

    Most automotive nylons are molded in black, so the black rod will allow easy cosmetic restoration of welded parts without the need for paint. Glass-reinforced nylon is often used with underarm action, radiator tanks, intercooler tanks, radiator supports, and many times more than common examples. The R21 ribbon will blend better with these plastics and improve the integrity of the repair.

    Polyvance has focused on plastic welding technology since 1981 and has the largest variety of plastic welding rods in the industry. Polyvance products are available through paint jobbers and equipment distributors.


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