Health issue (!!!)

  • My screen flickers so much that it affects my eyesight but I can't help it! I'm a university student who needs to get s**t done and a flickering screen won't stop me!

    But it's so annoying!! I didn't mind the mild flickering before but now that it has affected me physically I'm appalled.

    It's my fault for having such high hopes for a premium device, thinking that it would be fixed with the "next update" but alas, I'm here still seeing things as two.

    Please help.

    Also, I bought mine as a pre-owned device. It was a year old and has recently hit its 2-year mark of purchase.


  • @k98xo by the way, I'm situated in Brisbane Australia.

  • @k98xo Also it's soooo werd. I use to watch videos on my surface to pass the time while it flickers (bc if I didn't interact with the screen for a bit, it would stop flickering) but now its gotten worse to the point that it flickers with the movie...... IT WON'T STOP UNLESS IT TAKES THE SAME AMOUNT OF NAPS I TAKE PLUS MORE. I need to do my work, PLEASE.

  • Surface pro 4 i5, 4gb ram, 128gb storage

  • I feel you 😕

  • administrators

    Hi @k98xo the best option is to get your device replaced, or I will say the only option is that one.
    You may still have an year of warranty left for FlickerGate as MS is now offering replacement. I hope you get a non defective replacement soon.

    Contact MS suppprt and they will set you up


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