Well just got off the phone with Microsoft Technical Support. As expected, they downplayed the issue, stating it would be drivers and needed a clean install and what not, stating that I had done all that already, he said ok then indeed you have a hardware issue. However, since my Surface is out of warranty, he kindly invited me request an out of warranty replacement for 450 USD. When I stated that it was a well know design flaw and has affected several users and that I shouldn't be paying for it, then he stated that it is not a design flaw, Microsoft hasn't published it in their knowledge base, and that therefore it doesn't qualify for a free replacement. I pointed him to this site and posts in their own forum, to which his response was that I shouldn't believe everything around the net, and that it is all fake news! What an ass!!! So basically, I continue my original plan, just use this fucking thing until it becomes unusable, then see if I can use my Surface Pro 3 and eventually when I upgrade, buy a different brand.